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Complete Revolutionary "GROW TALLER" program designed for pre and post age growth of body. The  "HOW TO GROW TALLER" Height growth program includes "How to Grow taller" program manual, Grow taller supplement "HEIGHTOMAX" and Grow taller exercise bands.

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HeightoMax  "Grow Taller" - Increase Height Supplement

HEIGHTOMAX NO 1 supplement for Growing Taller & Increase Height.

Grow Taller, Increase Height with the most potent grow taller natural supplement on the market today with results that are guaranteed for children and adults of 7 years and upwards.

A complete Grow Taller and Increase height program that replies your years long quest on How to Grow taller?

This Grow taller supplement is 100% natural and safe with no Harmful side effects at all.

HeightoMAX (GROW TALLER / INCREASE HEIGHT ) height growth supplement

HeightoMAX A powerful Safe And Effective Grow Taller Formula To Help You Maximize-Height Growth Faster! ("By Boosting Your Own Natural-Growth")

Directions for use
2 Capsules with Luke warm milk in the morning 5 to 10 minutes after workout and 2 Capsules before going to bed !
Best seller

HeightOMax -
is a  Grow taller / Increase Height supplement that helps people Grow tall & gain extra inches in their height growth. This Height Increasing supplement is 100% herbal preparation with 100% natural ingredients. This Grow taller & Increase height supplement is very much effective and result oriented in -

  • Boosts natural process of Growth and development of the body.

  • Promotes bone growth and as a result Bones  start gaining length and thus body grows and individual grow taller.

  • Promotes new cell growth, Helps body system to repair damaged cells and tissues which leads to Building and toning of Muscular mass and as a result Height Growth maximises.

  • Elongates Spine by improving suppleness of spine and increasing the density and thickness of Vertebral disks and a result body GROW TALLER.

  • Improves Metabolism which further leads to lean body and reduces extra fat. Improved metabolism helps body respond faster towards "How to Grow taller"  Increase height system.

  • Strengthens Nervous System which helps body perform better and fight against day to day infections, bacteria and adds to immune system.

  • HeightoMax-  Grow taller & Increase Height supplement helps body in maximising production of essential Amino acids that work as a food supplement for the Pituitary which further results in production of Growth hormone by natural process. This increased, adequate supply of amino acids by the body leads to further growth and adds more inches in Increasing Height & Growing taller.

  • Maintains Cholesterol levels and is a good tonic for Heart.

  • Helps in patients of Insomnia.

  • Slower down's aging process.

  • Reduces extra fat

  • Increases memory power.

Market is full of   creams, insoles, shoes , machines, books, pills etc.  These product are often ineffective, based on very weak scientific data and Lack of information about the product, its usage, Advantages, Disadvantages etc . 

How to Grow taller?  is a Complete Increase Height - System which includes FDA approved HeightoMax - Increase Height supplement/ Grow taller supplement, A Program manual "How to Grow taller"  and Grow Taller Exercise bands .

This complete How to Grow taller system includes:

1) HeightoMax
Increase Height supplement

2) "How to grow taller" program manual.  This Grow taller / Increase height - manual  provides complete information regarding do's, don'ts and instructions while using this complete Grow taller- height growth system.

Popping a Pill is always easy but to achieve true results is always harder. To fasten height growth process, we provide some accessories along with Grow Taller & Increase Height - supplement and "How to grow taller" program manual :

3) Grow taller exercise bands -
Mechanical bands used to maximise and boost growth process faster and earlier. Grow taller exercise bands are made up of worlds finest and one of the strongest fibre. These exercise bands create tension in the bones by stretching the Skeletal system. A very Different concept then stretching muscles. From ages people are stretching their muscles to grow taller and increase height but result is frustration. Based on Scientific study of Gravity, these Grow Taller exercise Bands Promote fast and early height growth. Creates atmosphere of non-fusion of bones and thus provides length to the bones, muscles and ligaments.

This Pre and Post age Increase height- System is an effective tool to gain early and effort free growth.

Note : We do not recommend Weight training or any other muscle building or body development exercises along with the Grow taller exercise system. These exercises should be done early morning after waking up from sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours and should be performed once in 24 hours. 
The Grow taller exercise system is mandate to be done along with supplementing.

This How to Grow Taller - Increase height system works on many principles -

Spinal Column -
       An important component of growth and height is the spinal column. Here's a small sample of  basic fundamental knowledge of its structure and function that can dramatically increase height and growth potential
The Human spinal column consists of 33 separate bone segments known as vertebrae held together by ligaments (tough and fibrous tissue). Out of these 33 vertebrae, only the lower 9 are "fused" into two immovable bones, the sacrum and the coccyx, forming the back of the pelvis. The other 24 vertebrae are permanently movable and thus will never be "fused". These 24 vertebrae are the 7 cervical (neck), 12 thoracic (back of chest), and 5 lumbar (loin). Cartilaginous pads called disks are located between each of these 24 vertebrae. The thickness of the disks determines the length of the spinal column and directly influences your current height. There are 25 disks in all, their combined length accounting for a nice chunk of your overall height. Since these disks are "non-fusible" cartilages, they can constantly grow thicker under the stimulation of growth hormones at any age!- The younger you are and the longer you use our growth supplement the more you will grow!
Grow taller exercise bands and Increase height supplement - Heightomax jointly work on this area. Grow taller exercise bands increases blood circulation by increasing tension in the entire spine and also opens the vertebral disks for further height growth where as Increase height supplement - Heightomax increases the density of these disks by working as a natural grow taller and Increasing height supplement.

The thicker those disks are, the longer spinal column is and the taller an individual become. Even each disk grows only 0.25 cm (0.1 inch) thicker, which is the length of this line in quotes "_", you will grow 0.25 * 25 = 6.25 cm (2.5 inches) taller!


Growth Hormone:
 Human growth hormone (HGH) is a natural substance produced by the pituitary gland and certain immune cells in our bodies. HGH is critical for the proper growth of bones, muscles, organs, and the body as a whole. So not only will you grow taller but you will also have decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, increased energy, improved mental disposition, improved quality of sleep, improved physical appearance, and again most importantly increases in height. As we all know that growth hormone plays key role in any ones height growth. In normal course an Individual's pituitary gland releases, about 7/10th of a milligram of growth hormone in 24 hour. Where as half of this amount is released within the first hour of sleep and rest of the hormone is released during:-

  • Increased body temperature

  • Physical exercise 

  • Specific amino acid ingestion / production

  • Decreased blood glucose level

Sleep is one of the most important components involved in stimulating growth and increasing  height.  Sleep is the major stimulator of growth hormone, physical exercise is next in the line. In fact the intensity of Growth hormones peaks higher during exercise as compared to sleep. Several things influence the magnitude and intensity of growth hormone released during exercise..
The intake of Increase height supplement - HeightoMax just before sleep promotes sound sleep and thus helps in promotion of Growth hormone during first hour of natural sound sleep and as a result growth of bones, ligaments etc takes place. As mentioned above this supplement to increase height not only helps in increasing height but it also promotes Nervous system, As this Grow taller & Increase height system is based on grow taller supplement + Exercise, We recommend some specific type of workouts along with height increasing supplement intake. These specific workouts promotes growth by following above mentioned principles of growth.


Malnutrition on a constant basis prevents people from reaching their full height growth potential. The body becomes weak and frail and usually shows signs that muscle or bone tissue is wasting. Undoubtedly, the quality, quantity, and type of food we eat has a tremendous effect on our height growth and health. Malnutrition is the most common cause of growth failure around the world, primarily due to lack of protein and other basic nutrients on the diet. That's where supplement to Increase Height HeightoMax comes in providing your body just the right amount of nutritional support for to you grow taller & Increase height. Whether you are short, tall, fat, skinny, a child, a teenager, an adult, an athlete, a model, an actor, a female, a male, or just anyone looking to Increase height and grow taller - you can still enhance your current height by as much as 2 to 6 inches with our phenomenal supplement to Increase height and grow taller. Our height increasing product How to Grow Taller has an extremely high success rate. Studies have shown that 96% of the people (between ages 7-35) who use our our unique product for Increasing Height experience powerful height gains & an increase in their overall well-being.

  • HeightoMax - Increase height Supplement promotes body to produce all the essential amino acids required to Grow taller and Increase Height.
  • A whole natural supplement to Grow taller and enhance Height without any adverse effect provides all the main protein required for Growing taller. A complete balanced height increasing supplement to provide the amount of protein you need to consume to stimulate growth and maximize height
  • The all Natural Increase height supplement that provides adequate amount of carbohydrate required to maximize your growth
  • A Complete Increase height supplement to provide adequate amount of nutrients to promote natural growth.

Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in nearly every system of the body. Therefore, an adequate and sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals must be consumed in order for all the physiological functions of the body, in particular growth and development, to take place at the most optimum level. HeightoMax Increase height Supplement provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to increase height and growth:

  • This all Natural nutrient enriched Grow taller- Increase height Supplement replaces all those Vitamin which can inhibit  height and growth retardnes  caused by a vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • The all Natural supplement to Increase height contains all natural ingredients to replace all the specific vitamins and minerals needed to help facilitate and maximize  height gain

Good posture provides many physical and psychological benefits. It is an important component for back health and height increase. Good posture helps maximize your height not just because of the obvious reason that you are sitting and standing tall rather than slouching and slumping, but for other structural and physiological reasons as well.


  • The How to Grow taller? program manual includes workouts that corrects improper posture that puts the spine out of alignment, strains the muscles and ligaments of the back, and leads to a loss of height
  • The  How to Grow taller?  Program manual  includes workouts that keeps spine healthy and well  shaped, Makes the vertebrae increase in thickness where as HeightoMax Grow Taller supplement provides necessary and essential nutrition to enrich spinal disks located between these vertebrae and as a result the user gains height growth.
  • This complete Height growth system How to Grow Taller inhibits the degeneration of discs and prevent a loss of height. The How to Grow taller? program manual includes those specific height increasing exercises that keeps Spine  flexible and Strong where as HeightoMax Height increase supplement - provides essential nutrition to keep the spine lean.
  • The How to Grow Taller? Increase height - program includes all those essential exercises that reduces pressure and compression on the discs and stimulates growth.
  • The How to Grow Taller? Increase height - program specifically focuses to eliminate undue pressure and compression of the discs and which will lengthen the spine and faster growth.

The Revolutionary How to Grow Taller?  Exercise System

Just as an individual could follow a program to gain muscle or loose fat, similarly, A tailored program to permanently increase height growth is also required.

How it Works

The amazing and proven "How To Grow Taller?" exercise program is provided along with the HeightoMax Increase Height supplement. and "How to Grow taller?" program manual which is specifically and specially designed to help you increase your height, grow taller, and maximize your growth potential regardless of age. The exercises included in this program will stimulate overall growth and height gain, function to structurally lengthen the spinal column, Legs, Arms, Hands, improve posture, and straighten any excessive curvature of the spine. Moreover, other powerful benefits such as greater health, stronger back and abdominal muscles, increased flexibility, and the alleviation and prevention of lower back pain will also transpire.

Each daily "How to Grow taller?" exercise session will take only 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete or can be Increased or decreased as per requirement. These Grow taller exercises are fully illustrated, with simple and easy to understand instructions. Each exercise is also named, has its benefits and purpose stated, and provides you with step-by-step technique. These exercises are safe, effective, and easy to do by people of all ages and fitness levels. They require no special equipment or apparatus and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

In addition, you will also learn how to maximize your Height Growth to achieve maximum results, when to practice, where to practice, and the benefit of warming up.

The "How To Grow Taller?" program consists all the Do's , Don'ts and Instructions to maximize - Height Growth. These Grow Taller exercises are arranged in a progressive manner. The Program Outline and its execution is fully and easily explained along with a number of exercise guidelines and rules to make your program as safe, effective, and simple as possible.

This specially formulated, FDA approved Height increasing supplement and specially developed "How to Grow taller?" program contains tried and true principles and a revolutionary exercise program that will increase your height in a natural way. With the help of this complete "How to Grow taller?" increase height - system, any individual can succeed in increasing their height to their heart's desire.

How to Grow taller program and Height Increasing supplement "Heightomax"

For the last 10 years this How to grow taller program + Increase height supplement "Heightomax" has been considered the best source of safe growth and supplementing worldwide, and provides you with the fastest growing results.  HeightoMAX- Grow taller supplement is a High quality, 100% risk free increase height herbal formulation to help you grow taller and faster by regenerating your bones and cartilages.

 Out of the many grow taller programs and height increasing supplements out there, why is How to Grow taller program and height increase supplement HeightoMAX the safest and ultimate choice? - Because it is thoroughly researched Height increasing system which is based on modern and ancient techniques of Yoga and Ayurveda, this herbal formulation comes from natural sources! The revolutionary most potent Height increase formula HeightoMAX not only can increase height, but will help one's bones to recover and grow faster by boosting natural height growth.

How to grow taller program and Heightomax Height increasing Supplement, This  PRODUCT REALLY WORKS and it is the most safest and effective growing taller product on the market. Everyone consistently using How to grow taller program and Height increasing supplement HeightoMAX is making HUGE and AMAZING results!

 If You Have Any Of The Following Problems HeightoMAX Is Your Best Hope!

  • Slow Growth 

  • Brittle Bones

  • Mal-Nutrition 

  • Short Upper Body  

  • Short Lower Body  

  • Low HGH Level 

  • Or Genetic Problems

This complete How to Grow taller program helps increase height faster for children and adults between the age of 7 and onwards.

This complete How to grow taller program is based on regeneration process (the main energy source bones use for explosive power  and growth) so that you can develop better posture, which consequently improves growth.

For best results, we recommend  minimum 6 months complete how to grow taller program and Increase height supplement - HeightoMAX, an amazing bones and cartilages builder and has been proven 100% safe and effective.

 Many youngsters  and teenagers  have discovered that how to grow taller program and Increase height supplement - HeightoMAX is the key to grow taller naturally and enhance their personality for life. The quest to restore and maintain the body's resilience and vitality regardless of age is a timeless objective that is  fast approaching reality.

 Wondering which growth product is right for you? It can be tough sometimes with all the different options to choose from.

 Our Lab's research shows that when you take as little as 2 pills of HeightoMAX per day, your Nervous system, metabolism, energy levels and and performance of pituitary gland gives its best performance and  increases up to 50%

our 3 labs' studies have shown that regular use of how to grow taller program and intake of height growth supplement HeightoMAX daily can increase height by an average of 2-6 inches in just a few short weeks with a supervised diet -

(Grow taller Studies 2000-2005 Chart).

      How to Grow taller Time Release Breakdown (Delivery System Chart)

      GROWTH PROCESS Week1  Week3 Week6  Week12 +

      Improved Posture  *

      Bone Density   *

      Micro Level Growth     *

      Peptides agglomerated     * *

      Bones Regeneration       * * *   * * * *

      Bones Growth          * * * * * *

How to grow taller program and Increase height supplement - HeightoMAX  technology has certainly come a long way. How to grow taller program and Increase height supplement - HeightoMAX basically works to increase growth in the body very fast at any age.

 These supplements can help you get tall and strong faster than EVER!



 How to grow taller program & HeightoMax are our safe, health enhancing program and height increasing supplement targeted towards young and adults aged 7 years and upwards. Our proprietary, trademark formula is a mixture of several distinct herbs that provides a complete balanced platform to increase growth.

 By following complete instructions and taking HeightoMax regularly over the next three to six  months you will gradually see improvement in your overall height and health development.


 HeightoMax replaces all your other vitamins and health supplement needs. It is formulated only for growth and strength, HeightoMax gives you all the necessary nutrients to remain in tip-top shape.

No need to take any other pills. No need to buy other supplements. All you need is HeightoMax!

Heightomax’s Active Ingredients & Properties :

Withania Somnifera - Roots astringent, Somniferous, Aphrodiasic, Thermogenic, Builds tissues, Enhances Health, Nervine tonic, Boosts up Immunity.

Asperagus Racemosus -
Best and safe Immunity Booster and good strength promoter, good apetite stimulant, brain stimulant, Aphrodiasic,Rich nutritive tonic, Natural anti acid, Normalizes gastric pH.

Pueraria Tuberosa -
Provides strength and bulk to the body

Terminalia Chebula -
Best Liver tonic, Laxative, Astringent, Thermogenic, Anti inflammatory, Purgative, Digestive, Carminative and febrifuge.

Termanalia Arjuna -
Cardiotonic, Astringent, Aphrodiasic, Demulcent., Styptic , Antidysentric, Urinary Astringent, Expectorant and tonic.

Plumbago Zeylanica -
Strong Antiseptic, Stimulant, Stomachic, Carminative, Astringent, Anthelmintic, Laxative, Expectorant and Alexipharmic.

Piper Longum -
Laxative, Digestive, Astringent, cooling Aphrodiasic, Purgative, Refrigerant.

Elettaria Cardamomum -
Aromatic, Cooling, Stimulant, Digestive, Carminative, Stomachic diuretic, Cardiotonic, Expectorant, abortifacient and Health tonic


Our safe, all-natural combination of revolutionary 100% safe all natural ingredients can be taken without a prescription. Unlike hormone injections  and other costly medical procedures, HeightoMax does not require a prescription. You can start using our product the same day you receive it.


  you benefit from our research into health enhancing nutrition technology. Our goal of providing affordable, safe results to our clients came at great expense to us, but one that we were prepared to take and continue to take as we provide the best product on the market. Other products and services on the market are beyond the financial means of most consumers. Our goal was to provide a superior product at attainable prices. How to grow taller & HeightoMax is just that product.

A Complete "How to Grow Taller & Increase Height product

"Grow Taller" - Height increase supplement, "How to Grow Taller" program manual and "Grow Taller" Tech Bands all unite to make this the only "Height growth" system ever designed to satisfy your quest for "Increase Height"

     "How to grow taller" faq page is an  effort to answer many of the questions that people ask regarding human height. We have tried to explain the factors that determine height and human growth. We occasionally receive questions as to what can be done to stimulate growth within our body. People are curious to find out ways to grow taller and increase height. We have tried to answer many of your queries in this "How to Grow Taller". The biggest concern many people have is the possibility to get taller after puberty. The World first and the oldest known medication "Ayurveda" have sufficient evidence to prove significant height increase as an adult and  there are many instances where one can "Grow taller" by leading a exclusively Tailored system.  A Complete "height growth" system that is designed to work for all ages and sex. Worlds only Pre and Post age "height growth" system that focuses on all natural aspects of "Natural Height increase"
     We have tried to answer some other interesting things like the ideal height to weight questions, average height according to nationality, how good sleeping habits can affect your growth, and many other height and human growth related questions. We have tried to answer these questions to the best of our ability; however, we encourage you to feed us with your comments and suggestions to make this page a well researched web source for understanding the science behind human growth.

Frequently Asked Questions on How we Grow Taller

Question:  What is the difference between Grow tall supplement and How to grow taller Program offered by you?
How to grow taller is a complete height increasing system where as grow tall is the increase height supplement which is part of How to grow taller program. The complete How to grow taller program includes following :
1) HEIGHTOMAX - Grow taller & Increase height herbal Supplement.
2) Grow taller Exercise bands - Mechanical bands used to maximize Height growth potential earliest and to the fullest.
3) How to grow taller - Program Manual regarding do's, don'ts and complete instructions on
usage etc

Why is your Grow tall / How To Grow Taller Program better than other height increasing programs or systems?
As mentioned earlier Grow tall / How to grow taller Program constitutes three things
HEIGHTOMAX - Grow taller & increase height herbal Supplement. The procedure for manufacturing any medicine, Herbal medicine Herbal product, herbal cosmetics, food supplements requires approval from concerned authorities for manufacturing the product i.e. FDA ( Food and drug Authority ) . The procedure involves following processes
Step : 1 ) Providing relevant data / Literature to the authorities that has research details of ingredients, their properties and mode of action on body.
Step : 2 ) Providing samples for 50  to 100 clinical trials to be done at Authorities own laboratories on real people.
Step : 3 ) After Successful clinical trials, the details are provided in front of approval committee and detailed  reasoning and views of same are considered. In case the committee approves the product then only manufacturing starts.

2) How to grow taller
program manual - Lack of information is one major reason for no results or less results. marketers interested in money making are only interested in sales and do not focus on reasons for furnishing information related to product, how to get maximum height growth results etc. As our aim is to provide the best to the users, we focus on the smallest issue that can lead to less results or no results.

Grow taller Exercise bands - As a herbal products company- providing such things to the customer is almost a different work for us but as we are aware that customer could face problems in locating such things in the market, we provide Grow taller exercise bands along with the Grow taller supplement and  How to grow taller program manual so that user have every thing handy and ready to use. By not providing Grow taller exercise bands in the package and recommending regular use could help company in giving big excuse in case of less results or no results that the product was not used properly as recommended but our Aim is good results hence we provide every thing in the package. 

Other reasons why Grow tall / How to grow taller Program is the only one in the race
We have bought and reviewed every other major program or system on the market which promises to increase height or help you grow taller.  Virtually every one includes useless, ineffective, and irrelevant things.  In other words, they offer goods that are not  related to height increase and recommend activities or techniques that are potentially harmful or useless.  Other information is just blatantly incorrect.  Moreover, a lot of them just provide guides and fill the pages with large font (printing) and spaces to compensate for the lack of real information.  The bottom line is that none of them are as effective, complete, or comprehensive as ours. 

Question:  Is The Grow Tall /How To Grow Taller Program offered and distributed by a legitimate company?
  YES!  Our company,  is a fully genuine and registered company that has an unblemished reputation and is mainly involved in bulk export of herbal products worldwide, has been in business for over 10 years, and have served many countries in bulk and thousands of individuals worldwide. 

Question:  Do grow taller lotions, creams, insoles work?  
No. First of all, there is NO WAY that ANY lotion or spray can be absorbed through the skin all the way to the bone and help increase its length.  If anyone claims that it can or does, it is TOTAL NONSENSE.  It is just scientifically impossible. Shoe insoles based on reflexology are meant to regularize blood circulation that further lead to take off bad odor of feet etc but it has nothing to do with height growth.

Question:  Do grow taller Pills, grow taller supplements work?  
it depends on what these pills and supplements are for example some  height increase pills, drugs etc relate to Artificial growth hormone (HGH), where as some pills relate to amino acids . same is the case with  supplements, As mentioned earlier if the supplement falls into Ayurveda (Science of life) the oldest known medication on this earth - such supplement do work where as some extracts of herbs etc or some potion won't work at all. 

Question: What differentiates Grow tall / How to grow taller program from other height increasing products or programs?
We are not someone selling you a flimsy photocopied booklet. We are also not somebody who has acquired the rights to market and sell some product with no personal knowledge or experience on the topic of height increase. Instead, we are the sole owners, developers, and originators of The HOW TO GROW TALLER System and we have acquired a vast knowledge on the subject of height increase after years of study and experience. Our products are licensed, approved by FDA.  Moreover, we continue to learn and research any legitimate ways to increase stature.

Question: What do I receive when I order Grow Tall system / How To Grow Taller program?
The complete 3 months package /6 months package includes / 9 months package / 1 year package:
1) HEIGHTOMAX - Grow taller Supplement's 3 months / 6 months supply.
2) Grow taller exercise bands - Mechanical bands used to maximize growth potential earliest and to the fullest.
3) How To Grow Taller - A Comprehensive Guide and Revolutionary Exercise Program regarding do's, don'ts and complete instructions on usage etc.

Question: Does this program require me to buy or obtain any special equipment or apparatus to help me perform the exercises and increase my height? 
No. The program requires no special equipment or apparatus and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Question: Do I need to buy anything else from you?
No. The program arrives to you complete and you do not need to purchase anything else.

Question: How soon is my order shipped?
Each order is shipped within 24 to 48 working hours by registered air mail or express package which ever is selected.

Question: What is the difference between Registered air parcel package and EMS speed delivery?
The main difference is delivery time and online tracking
The delivery time for registered air parcel is 18 to 21 days from the actual date of order where as the delivery time for EMS speed express parcel is 6 to 8 working days.
Registered air parcel have online booking track and delivery track facility available where as express EMS speed includes online tracking facility.


Question: Do you ship orders overseas?
Yes. We do ship our goods worldwide either bulk quantity or personal use.

Question: Is there any way for me to inquire about the status of my order?
Yes. All orders receive an email confirmation by Merchant bank instantly.

Question: Does this program come with a refund?
Yes,  if There is no result with recommended course duration ( complete system), return it for a full  immediate refund (less Taxes , s&h).

What is recommended course duration for me?

1) 8 to 14 Years - The body is in growing age- No average growth ratio ( Minimum 1 year course recommended and can be continued further till growth spurt is not completed)
2) 14 to 18 years - 3 to 5 inches ( 1 year course recommended and can be started with 6 months package)
3) 18 to 21 years - 3 to 4 inches ( 1 year course recommended and can be started with 6 months package)
4) 21 to 25 years - 2 to 3 inches ( 6 months course recommended)
5) 25 onwards - 1 to 2 inches. ( 6 months course recommended)

I am a 17 year old boy and I am currently 5' 6". I come from a short family (my dad is 5' 6" and my mom is 5' 3") and I'm afraid that I'm done growing. Is there any way I can change this and grow a few more inches by following your program?
Below 18 years the average ratio is 3 to 5 inches and hence the minimum recommended course is for 1 year. 

Question: I am 21 years old and have not grown in 3 years or so. I am skeptical as to whether it is possible for me to grow at this age and whether your program really works. What do you have to say about this?
As you fall into 21 to 25 years age group, you can gain around 2 to 3 inches of height growth. The recommended course duration is 6 months. The product takes initial 80 to 90 days in preparing the body for further growth and actual growth process starts after 80 to 90 days only. hence you have to keep patience and keep faith in the Grow Tall / How to grow taller program. If you begin our course without much faith and commitment, you will most likely follow it in a halfhearted way and achieve only substandard results.. Our opinion is that if you undertake anything with a skeptical attitude, you will end up in despair. Our Grow Tall  / How to Grow Taller  program is not a magic wand. We have not exaggerated the results nor made any false promises. If you religiously  follow the system, you really can significantly increase your height.

Question: By how much can you grow by following this program. I understand that it varies with each individual, but can you give me a rough estimation of how much taller I might be able to grow by following your program? By the way, I'm 16 years old and 5' 8"
The amount of height an individual can grow by following Grow Tall  / How to Grow Taller program varies. The average growth ratio and recommended course details are provided below

1) 8 to 14 Years - The body is in growing age- No average growth ratio ( Minimum 1 year course recommended and can be continued further till growth spurt is not completed)
2) 14 to 18 years - 3 to 5 inches ( 1 year course recommended and can be started with 6 months package)
3) 18 to 21 years - 3 to 4 inches ( 1 year course recommended and can be started with 6 months package)
4) 21 to 25 years - 2 to 3 inches ( 6 months course recommended)
5) 25 onwards - 1 to 2 inches. ( 6 months course recommended)

Question: How long does it take before I start seeing some results?
Our body cells RBC & WBC complete 1 cycle in 90 to 100 days and the system takes initial  90 to 100 days in preparing your body by strengthening Nervous system, Improving metabolism. Reducing extra fat, toning muscles for more flexibility and creating non fusion atmosphere across the ends of bones. However, it may vary for each individual. The further you progress with the program, the more height gain you will continue to experience. 

Question: I am already 32 years old. Can I also follow The Grow Taller System?
By following our program, it is possible for anyone to increase their height regardless of age. Although it is true that those individuals under the age of 25 will experience more of a height gain than those older than 25 years, The average growth ratio for 25 to 35 age group is 1 to 2 inches.

Question: What are the factors that determine a person’s height?
Answer: Height is determined by a complex combination of genetics and environment. The basic rule of the thumb formula for human height may be summarized as:
 (Genetics + Hormones + Nutrition)  -  Stress

Question: When do we stop growing taller?
Answer:  We have been genetically programmed to stop growing after the completion of bone fusion. At this point the complex interplay of genes, nutrients, and hormones reaches its climax. Once our genes have orchestrated the growth and development of the body to the point that it can reproduce, the purpose for growth is complete. This usually happens at the average age of 16 to 18 years for girls and 18 to 21 years for boys.  

Question: Can I grow taller after bone fusion?
Answer: Yes, Our body regularly expand and shrink up to the age of 35 years and A complete tailored program that can create atmosphere of non fusion of bones and adequate nutrition that can boost body system to gain few more extra inches can help us gain some more extra inches. 

Question: What are growth spurts?
Answer: Growth spurts is a term used for a rapid increase in height and weight which typically occurs during bone fusion or around puberty. In their teens, kids put on an amazing growth to reach their final adult height. This phenomenal growth starts at the outside of the body and works in. Hands and feet are the first to expand. Needing new shoes is the first sign of experiencing growth spurts. Next, arms and legs grow longer. Finally the spine grows. The very last expansion is a broadening of the chest and shoulders in boys, and a widening of the hips and pelvis in girls.

Question: What kind of a diet can help increase my height?
Answer:   A nutritious balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, dairy products, cereals, meat, and plenty of water will aid the natural process for enhancing height.

Question: Does sleep help human growth?
Answer:  Getting proper sleep is vital for the growth hormones to perform its function effectively. Not getting enough sleep can lower the amount of growth hormones your body produces. Less sleep, less results or no results. One should atleast sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily.

Question: What are growth hormones?
Answer:  Human growth hormone (HGH) is a substance released by a pea like structure formerly known as pituitary gland , deep inside the brain just behind the eyes. This substance is mostly released during the first couple of hours of sleep and after exercise. Its function is to stimulate growth in human body.

Question: What are the factors that effect growth hormones?
Answer:   Diet, Physical workout, sleep and physical conditions are the key factors that effect  Human growth hormone (HGH).

Question: Can the intake of growth hormones (HGH) make me grow taller?
Answer:  No, We don't recommend intake of artificial growth hormone without any professional Doctor's advise.  The intake of Artificial growth hormones may lead to abnormal and disproportionate growth. The term (HGH) has often been used and abused by many fraudulent marketers to make outrageous claims of stimulating growth. The fact is that the sale of growth hormone treatment is highly regulated and can only be prescribed by specialists.

Question: Are there any medications that can help me gain height after bone fusion?
Answer:   Modern Science only approves Artificial growth hormone (HGH) and bone grafting surgery for height growth but Ayurveda (Science of life) , The oldest known medication on earth which also includes herbal treatments have many such evidences and ingredients that actually promotes growth and develops body. Yoga - A traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India is second inline. Hence a complete tailored program can help the body to grow even after growth plates are fused.

Question: Can stretching exercises help me gain height?
Answer: Some unique stretching exercises can help increase the height during / after growth plates are fused. usually people focus on Stretching exercises that focuses on Muscular system and couldn't make the skeletal system stretch. Hence some specific exercises are required that can actually focus on Muscular system, Skeletal system and are also helpful for improving nervous system. 

Question:  Does proper breathing influence human growth?
Answer:   The question is incomplete in itself. It should be Proper breathing in good atmosphere. Proper and effective breathing brings sufficient oxygen into your body to stimulate growth. Only deep breathing is effective breathing. Shallow breathing is ineffective and it stunts growth.

Question: What’s the average height of men and women?
Answer:  Height is relative to where a person lives. A person of average height in Australia will be considered tall in China and a Tall person of China will be considered average or short in Australia.

Question:    Is it true that the present generation is shorter than the previous one?
Answer:      Yes,  with increasing pollution and use of pesticides in food products have reduced the growth as compared to our ancestors. The burden of competition has led to shorter height.

Question: What should be my ideal weight with regards to my height?
Answer:   According to the rule of the thumb the ideal weight of Men can be calculated as under:
For the first 5 feet the weight should be 106 pounds. And for each additional inch add 6 pounds.
The ideal weight of Women can be calculated as under:
For the first 5 feet the weight should be 100 pounds. And for each additional inch add 5 pounds.

Question: Does body building stunt human growth?
Answer:  Yes, Body building effects Height growth and we don't recommend weight training along with height growth exercises.

Question: What is Heightism?
Answer:  Heightism is a type of discrimination based on human height. This refers to unfair treatment because of a person's short or tall stature. Short people are generally disadvantaged for employment opportunities. For most women, the height of a man is a major factor that makes him sexually attractive towards her. Heightism is also cited as one of the underlying causes of the Rwandan Genocide, in which approximately one million people were killed. It is believed that one of the reasons that political power was conferred to the minority Tutsis by the exiting Belgians was because they were taller and therefore (in the eyes of the Belgians) considered superior and more suited to governance. Short candidates face disadvantage in politics too. Out of the 54 US presidential elections only 13 have been won by the shorter candidate.

Question: Do astronauts get taller in space?
Answer:  Since there is no (or little) gravity in space the bones of the astronauts are less squashed together. The astronauts, therefore, do gain a bit of height due to this fact.


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